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Our school provides teaching of mathematics and programming.
We combine the advantages of modern web based eLearning technologies with personal tutorage by experienced teachers

Elemetary school children

Math courses for children aged 7 - 11

Middle and high school students

Math courses for middle and high school children using modern learning tools

Programming courses

Programming courses using Small Basic and .NET as well as Python

Our offer

A list of courses we provide for our students

Elementary school

Math courses for children aged 7 - 11

Middle and high school students

Math courses for middle and high school

Olympiads preparation

Olympiad level preparation courses

Microsoft Small Basic

Elemetary introduction to programming with Small Basic


Intermediate programming courses with Python Educational edition

Microsoft .NET

Advanced programming courses with Microsofts .NET platform.

About us

Our motto: From zero to hero...

  • Abdylbaki Bajrami

    Our inspiration

    The idea for such a school of mathematics is originated in the work of Abdylbaki Bajrami, a very dedicated and respected mathematics teacher from Tetovo. He has founded the first society of mathematicians and computer scientistst "Paskal" in Tetova and has been the initiator of the mathematical Olympiads in Western Balkan.

  • February 2013

    Our humble beginnings

    We started as a group of enthusiasts dedicated to excellence in teching mathemtaics and programming

  • November 2013

    Support from RISAT

    RISAT is a private not-for profit research foundation in the USA, dedicated to support teaching and research in western Balkans. Their academic and scientific profieciency added a new level of quality to our school

  • BfB is an accelerator for social start-ups that is originated in the Carnegie-Mellon University. With the aid of their business development tools we have defined clearly our goals and focus as an eLearning based not-for profit educational business. Our mentor from MIT is a great help to define and implement the best practices in this field.

  • December 2016

    Changemakers Association

    Changemakers Association is an online community of social business start-up founders who want to bring about some positive change in the society. It is fouded by Solene Pignet and Danielle Carouthers. It is based on monthly e-learning modules to be absolved as a member and webinars and mentoring sessions with well known social entrepreneurs.

  • April 2017


    SAASPASS is a California based secure dynamic passcodes and multi-factor authentication solution provider. It allows its users to use their mobile device to manage all their digital and physical access needs securely and conveniently.

    As a sign of support, they provided our school with free company bundle of their product and offered our students payed tasks to write their API references.

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Our team

This is our team of unique individuals, who carriy out the teaching and administrative activities

Admir Huseini

Founder and CEO

Rufat Rufati

Elementary school math

Emine Iljasi

Math courses

We are a team of both young and experienced educators, who strive to combine personalized teaching with modern learning platforms

Products and platforms

These are some products and platforms we work with in our teaching activities

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